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Domestic Cleaning

We are a leading small company providing home cleaning services at the highest level.

We usually provide cleaning services in a two-person cleaning team - which ensures better and faster cleaning of your home.

The quality of the cleaning services we provide is our most important priority! People make up our team, this is not only employees but also members of our small family!

Carpet cleaning

Traditional Carpet Cleaning! High standard and professional service. We use professional British cleaning detergent.

Cleaning all carpet and rugs

Car seat

Vegan/Eco Cleaning Service

We only use 100% vegan and ecological cleaning product

Office Cleaning

Whatever size your office is, we'll keep it spotlessly clean.

From 2 hour to 100 hours per week. 

Property Management Cleaning 

Our property management cleaning takes in large residential blocks, student halls of residence, serviced offices and assisted living properties. With regard to student blocks we are also able to organise the end of tenancy cleaning as the students vacate.

Our property management cleaning services also takes in internal and external window cleaning, periodic carpet cleaning, cleaning of communal kitchens and where required floor polishing. 

Public Event Cleaning 

We offer services during the event that allows you to focus on other aspects of the event. We can provide general cleaning services throughout the event including:

emptying bins inside and outside the venue

litter picking

toilet cleaning and attendants

Once the event has been completed we will remove all the refuse from the all areas, inside and outside the venue. All areas will be left clean and litter free ready for use the following day.

Warehouse Cleaning

warehouse and large storage area cleaning. Floors, pipes, cladding and more.

Build Cleaning

Renovations, New builds, Halls, Pubs, Restaurants, Churches, Shops and etc.

Gutter Clearing

Gutters Cleaning  up to 12m / 40ft high. We use a wet and dry cleaning System Inspection Camera System!

We use the highest quality professional and certified vacuum cleaners to ensure that our Gutters Cleaning services are performed at the highest professional level and safe! Because we have high-quality equipment, our services are made from the ground and we do not need to use any ladders, which ensures safety and high quality of work.

High Level Internal Cleaning

Professional high level internal cleaning available using our high reach special vacuuming system higher up12m / 40ft high . Ideal for cleaning dust or cobwebs from high ceilings, church halls, airports, shopping center , offices, universities and hospitals. warehouses or industrial units and etc.  

   We use High Level Inspection Camera

Fascia & Soffit Cleaning


Natalia Cleaning Service can bring back shine and clean fascia and soffit to life from the safety of the ground.

Over times and weathers dirt, mould and mildew can build up on the exterior of your property. One of the most noticeable places for this to happen is on the fascia and soffit boards – This not only looks bad but can also cause expensive damage if not kept clean.

Cleaning the console and the headliner has many advantages, first of all it changes the appearance of the entire building.

We wash the cleaning of the console and padding at a height of more than 30 ft / 9 m.

The advantages of cleaning the console and the headliner are:

Avoids frequent repairs and costly console and headlining replacements

Better property appearance

Increases the value of the Property.

 We use High Level Inspection Camera

Roof Moss Removal Service  

We offer roof cleaning service moss removal.

Do you know that Apart from being very unsightly, moss on roofs also affects the drainage of rainwater away from the roof. Moss can impede the flow of water on route to the gutter, and also fall into guttering systems, inhibiting the flow of water away from the property. Water will always find its way past an obstacle invariably causing the gutters to overflow, and can in turn cause very expensive damp repairs on homes.

 We use High Level Inspection Camera


Blocked Gullies Cleared.

You have blocked gully? That’s not a problem. Gullies get blocked very often. Usually due to food and grease waste washed down sinks and a build up of silt, dirt and etc. This is very common and can cleared quite quickly.

Drain Maintenance.

We are reliable well priced cleaning drain company to regularly maintain your drains. Home or business we can set up a regular maintenance program tailored to your individual needs. Regular drain cleaning to keep drains flowing in perfect working order.

Entrust all of your commercial and domestic cleaning needs to our professional team, and rest easy knowing that all of your requirements will be handled the best way possible.